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  1. nicolenuncio (verified owner)

    After 4 days of taking a pea size every morning, I now understand why it has been used for so long amongst cultures world wide.
    Quality is AMAZING!!
    It does have a strong smell which turned off my hubs. But after seeing how amazed I was today, he was asking for some too. This will be a staple for us.
    STRONGLY recommend everyone give this a chance. Be patient, the ‘ooohhh yesss’ will come

  2. vernerjay (verified owner)

    For anyone who is unfamiliar with this amazing Ayurvedic mineral, please do some research, as the health benefits are outstanding. It can come in a powder, but with Liza you get the pure extrude from high mountain rocks. It is a tar like substance, has a very potent smell and taste, but I have some 00 vegetable caps and a small scraper type thing I bought at a dollar store. I simply take a scoop and fill a cap, pea or corn size. I set up all my supplements in one of those weekly pill reminders (those things are actually awesome), and you can fill up a weeks worth and leave them, I have yet to have one eat through a cap. This has been a daily supplement I have used off and on, but what Liza offers it the purest form I have ever bought. Seriously just look it up, try a small amount, in a week you will be ordering more, for sure.

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