Green Kali

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5 reviews for Green Kali

  1. BizzyB

    This is a great mood lifter, and seems to have long legs!

  2. Siamesemama1 (verified owner)

    My favorite for work, due to those “long legs”, lol. Energy + effective pain relief w/o that “loaded” feeling. And it’s so good, they named an entire Island for it! (just kidding on that), but add this in rotation, it works.

  3. Maggie

    I received this as a sample and was happy to find that I love it! It gives great energy and an upbeat, sociable mood, without causing any of the dreaded “eye wobbles,” and no jittery edge. This is a great everyday strain, definitely worth a buy.

  4. Jesse Kazemek (verified owner)

    Now one of my favorites! Great all around. Exactly what the previous reviewers said . Liza does it again!❤️

  5. George Thomas

    This is an interesting green, energizing and calming. I took it and got a bunch of energy at the start and then it started to knock me down with sedation toward the end, had a nice nap after and I usually never take naps. Idk if that was the Kali or I was extra tired that day, either way a great energetic strain with a pleasant sedative quality. Definitely a mainstay of the green category

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