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7 reviews for White Thai

  1. sebmurdock00 (verified owner)

    I really love the White Thai! Wonderful to begin the day with! I also enjoy it in the afternoon when I get a bit sluggish at work. It really helps me feel like I can happily take on any task. Excellent mood lift and energy. I was surprised that it was not overstimulating! I have started mixing it with reds and greens to add a bit of happiness to any strain or tea. Liza’s is quickly becoming my favorite vendor! Shipping was so fast! Even though I ordered on a Saturday, it was here on Monday! I love all of the communication and genuine kindness! Great reputation for a reason!

  2. Siamesemama1

    5 stars for focus, energy. Be careful! Start w half the normal amount cuz this strain is a rocket! I am mixing depending on time of day w green kali, half & half each, forget the pain & keep on truckin’!

  3. Ivy (verified owner)

    Great quality & awesome customer service

  4. TA2020

    Aaahhh this is my strain! I wake up to this white Thai every day and it gets me going and in such a good mood too! I make everyone’s breakfast with loooove – lol, get my workout in, clean, get sh!t done haha. I just love it. It’s my favorite for mornings.

  5. boonkie


  6. mypradasatthecleaners

    The potency and effects are as good as ever. It is in fact the most euphoric white. Where it becomes problematic is in the first word ‘white’ thai, not green, or red. Every white I’ve gotten has had a nuance of what you’d imagine black dirt to taste like. It doesn’t make you throw up, which is a plus. It’s not bad enough to cause me to quit getting it. It is however omnipresent.

  7. Alicia

    Liza is the best vendor I have ever tried! White Thai is one of my favorite strains. It’s perfect for a morning pick me up and works well for when I get tired in the afternoon.

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