Green Borneo

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Weight 1700 g

Gram, Ounce, Quarter Kilo, -> Quarter Kilo Split 2 Ways, -> Quarter Kilo Split 3 Ways, -> Quarter Kilo Split 4 Ways, -> Quarter Kilo Split 5 Ways, Half Kilo, -> Half Kilo Split 2 Ways, -> Half Kilo Split 3 Ways, -> Half Kilo Split 4 Ways, -> Half Kilo Split 5 Ways, Kilo, -> Kilo Split 2 Ways, -> Kilo Split 3 Ways, -> Kilo Split 4 Ways, -> Kilo Split 5 Ways


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1 review for Green Borneo

  1. nicolenuncio

    My husband is super sensitive to whites and many greens. Many make him jittery/edgy.
    This was his first love.
    Liza’s Green Borneo was the first one he asked if he could borrow.
    Gave him more patience, energy and said it helped his sciatic nerve pain.
    Congratulations, Liza!! Well done!

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