Super Green Elephant

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Our #1 best selling Green for over 7 years in a row. This awesome Green will give you that mood boost to get you cleaning and feel amazing, also great energy and focus with Mental clarity.


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21 reviews for Super Green Elephant

  1. Steve

    This stuff has been a godsend for me! It helps with my mental focus and mental energy!

  2. lucyfikes (verified owner)

    This is my all time favorite strain. It’s long lasting and has a very fresh, uplifting vibe to it. If you love a green vein, this strain is a must try!

  3. PoohBear

    Another GREAT strain! I took a tsp. in the morning. Before you know it you start to feel better. It sneaks up on you and your like ….WoW! Great energy and focus and you just feel SO much better. Pain is no fun, I have that but I also live poisoned. I react to basically every type of food, preservatives , dyes….etc. Basically the American diet if you will. Kratom detoxes me and my reactions are not near what they were. Liza’s Kratom is top-notch!!

  4. Kathleen Williams

    This is an awesome green to get your motor running. Extreme, clean energy. And it was great on my pain also.

  5. yolatengo456 (verified owner)

    Been using tea for anxiety for a very long time, I’ve tried pretty much all of the top vendors and this is the best green I’ve ever had. It’s better in low doses.

  6. shinynothing (verified owner)

    This strain was a lifesaver to help keep me functional while I was recovering from a back fracture from a car accident! Definitely one of the better greens out there. Thanks, Liza! ☺

  7. Astarte (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite strain! I have depression and this strain gets me out of bed and gives me motivation to live my life. This strain in particular has improved my life incredibly. Thanks so much Liza!

  8. Nicole

    I completely agree and second all the above.
    It’s utmost complete/well rounded.
    Liza, you’re the best!!!

  9. boonkie

    Gorgeous! Amazing focus that sneaks up before you realize it.

  10. RD

    A personal favorite. Calm, smooth, uplifting “attitude adjuster.” Greens are my very favorite and this one feels balanced and “just right” for anxiety, depression, and the bodily pain that can come along with them.

  11. britters0424 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this strain! Every strain I’ve bought from Liza has been amazing but this one really stood out to me. It has a great mood lift and helps with energy but it can also be a very relaxing strain as well. I love that Liza’s botonicals has so many strains to choose from and I look forward to trying more of them out in the future. If you are wondering which green to choose, I highly recommend this one. I just bought another kilo right now. 😂😊❤️

  12. Crystal D (verified owner)

    This tea is my favorite. If you are having withdrawals from painkillers 1 1/2 tsp of Red Thai and 1 1/2 tsp of this one and you are calm, pain free and alert.

  13. morgan cormier (verified owner)

    This is one of my first strains i’ve tried. I’ve been testing the waters with different strains and I can say without a doubt that this is going to be one of my regular go to strains. 10 outta 10 for sure! You are amazing Liza!

  14. mypradasatthecleaners

    The rave reviews are well deserved. It’s perfectly well rounded, wirh pain relieving properties, and relaxation like a red, and the euphoria of an a list green. While simultaneously energizing like a mid-tier white. Quite literally my new 3rd favorite green.

  15. Cameron

    By Far my favorite Green strain ever. It’s the best I’ve found for pain in my 10+ years of krah-tum use

  16. d00dster (verified owner)

    Great green strain, I will be purchasing this one again soon.

  17. Jacob Morgan

    I’ve been taking kratom and experimenting with different vendors for a few years. So you know I’m excited to stumble upon an amazing new addition.
    Not just this strain, but everything I tried was top notch

  18. josh.d.valdez

    My first time using this strain i got it as a sampler and usually the little 28 gram sampler i use in two doses but i got like 4 uses out of the 28 sampler and the first time i was blanketed in kratom feelies all night long. Its great

  19. Charles

    Great energetic strain.I highly recommend

  20. jmn12991

    My first time ordering from Liza and this is the blend I tried first mixed with a little whiteslippery rock. Got the sampler pack. This was great for work a long hard day of factory work. Mood lift was amazing I talked alot more then normal lol. Great energy and focus. Awesome pain relief. This blend rocks. Also I only took 2grams of WSR. I’m so glad to have found Liza best. Much luv

  21. Saurabh

    First time trying and it definitely helped me focus and feel calm. Very good product and came in fast.

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