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9 reviews for Green Nanga

  1. mmulch5360 (verified owner)

    By far my fav green strain from Liza so far!!! Great energy!!

  2. BizzyB (verified owner)

    Love this Green Nanga, depression goes down the drain and for me it last several hours. My favorite green so far! Liza’s is top notch, everything from super fast communication, shipping all the way from the west coast to Michigan, my goto vendor, the BEST!


  3. juliette b robinson (verified owner)

    This is my first time using kratom. I feel so great and energized but with no anxiety. Been on psych meds half my life and never felt so wonderful. Thank you Liza!

  4. James Cotton (verified owner)

    Fantastic leaf! Liza’s G. Nanga holds the #1 ranking as my favorite green on the planet. Fast and smooth in all the right places. Liza’s Best Botanicals is THE absolute best place to find the highest quality botanicals in my years of experience.

  5. lisa.m.keough (verified owner)

    I’ve enjoyed Liza’s for a few months now. They are the 1st vendor that has products that have actually worked for me and I’ve been trying for 5 plus years. This green Nanga is the absolute best strain I’ve ever had. Good euphoria, great energy and overall fabulous feel good stuff!

  6. TA2020

    This green Nanga is such a beautiful blend and very potent – I am good with half of my usual dose. This blend just has some sort of magic to it that I can’t quite explain. Lifts away depression, anxiety.. In a heartbeat – you feel energized and the stress just melts away.

  7. mypradasatthecleaners

    Green Nanga is a good exotic. With an unusual alkaloid profile, that provides both energy, and mood lift.

  8. djemo81 (verified owner)

    This one snuck up on me with a potent effect. This is a beautiful fresh green powder obviously dried with care as is Liza’s portfolio. So much of the Kratom out there is harshly dried to get it on the market quickly. Not this stuff!

  9. Chuck (verified owner)

    Great mood lift.One of my favorite greens

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