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5 reviews for Green Zombie

  1. Kaidensmom63 (verified owner)

    My son received this strain as a complimentary sample and passed it along to me. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that he did. The last several months of my life have been intensely taxing financially and emotionally. Then the holidays came around and the stress and anxiety increased x10, and depression began to set in. I am a strong person, and I was trying hard to fight it, but the struggle to drag myself out of bed and push myself to function became increasingly difficult. The first time I tried green zombie was the first day in months that I felt more like myself. It’s energetic, without being overwhelming, and it just gives an overall sense of competence and well-being. That first successful day gave me hope, and helped motivate me for the next day. Also, I noticed that the effects aren’t diminished after a few days of use, like most of the other strains I use. Green zombie pretty much carried me through the holiday season and helped me get a sense of my own strength and resilience again. Definitely recommend for anybody struggling with depression and/or anxiety. Thank you, Liza.

  2. pamela1cam (verified owner)

    AMAZING!! That is a understatement too. This strain takes away ALL your stress, pain and lets you relax better than ANYTHING! I had NO idea how great Kratom was until I tried this strain. I knew Kratom was great but this strain really opens up to what Kratom really is about. I’ve tried many strains that help you relax but none comes close to this one. Give it a whirl….what do you got to loose? YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!

  3. sethsmom111800

    This strain is beyond AWESOME!! It helped me get through working for days straight on my feet! Gives AWESOME energy without the jitters youd get from energy drinks! Highly recommend trying this out if you havent yet! Its well worth the try! And with Lizas super fast shipping to boot, you Definatly wont be disappointed!!

  4. Janet

    I can’t even say enough for how great this is. I have terrible fatigue and joint pain and and gives me great energy and takes my pain away. Definitely a favorite of mine.

  5. Dixie

    ill be the first to tell you that im usually on reds side for them being most important for pain until i tried this green zombie. this strain really knocks pain outta the park for me AND lifts me up on top of the world at the same time i couldn’t ask for anything more. this is my go to green, i will not go without it in my tea cupboard. thank you miss liza for introducing me to this magical strain. #greenzombie

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