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4 reviews for Red Bali

  1. boonkie (verified owner)

    Amazing red, major pain relief, mood lifter, without making drowsy or sleepy. Allows work to be done while relaxing and no more pain! Liza’s honestly is the best Bali, if you doubt, test for yourself.

  2. Colleen

    Red bali is my top go to! Its a energy/pain/stress combo for me but I can also use later in the evening and still sleep! Also super great to add a little white big bang on the really tough days! Any of Lizas product are amazing and her customer service is best around!

  3. insaneboss88 (verified owner)

    I love Bali it doesn’t matter the strand or color it’s just my style and I can honestly say that… in my opinion ….pain reliever and relaxing and ya still got enough energy for mild things at home

  4. melcatt995

    Best red bali I’ve had yet!

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