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4 reviews for Red MD

  1. Yody (verified owner)

    This stuff is strong. I accidentally found out the wobbly way that Liza’s products are above-ordinary compared to my previous vendor. This is an incredibly relaxing and pain relieving strain, which can overstimulate you if you dose too high. Overstimulate with pleasure, but overstimulate nonetheless. Keep the dose moderate and you will fly well above your aches and pains for the day.

  2. TA2020

    I am in LOVE with Liza’s Red MD. I usually reach for white strains but lately I have been floating through my days with a small dose of this red md in the late afternoon … Gives me just the boost I need to get those last duties of the day grinded out while also making me happy/relaxed. Definitely going to be a solid one for me from now on. Also, I should add that I needed some pain relief today from a biopsy and not only did it melt that nagging fire sensation away – it also lasted long enough too.

  3. jae.wolfmutt (verified owner)

    Excellent pain relief and mood boost! Going back to work was a bit hard. My body was like: what!?
    I was in terrible pain but the Red MD took care of that. And!..and it gave me a bit of a mood boost. No too much. More like, I was able to putter around. Thank you Red MD and thank you Liza!

  4. Chuck

    This one is definitely a strong one.Great energy and pain relief,on top of that a great mood boost.

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