Green Cambodian

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6 reviews for Green Cambodian

  1. Judy Breese

    Great Green it’s a ten for pain energy and Mood lift it has it all

  2. Judy Breese

    Another 10 from me

  3. boonkie


  4. mheller2019 (verified owner)

    A word of caution with this strain, if this is your first time with it. It is a strong strain. Too strong if not careful, just sayin’.

  5. morgan cormier

    Mixed this with the white boreno and got massively dizzy and a bit sick but that was partly my bad since I was being lazy that day and just eyeballed my dose instead of properly measuring it especially since it was my first time with this strain so that wasn’t a very smart move on my end lol. All that aside I don’t know if the white boreno played a role towards the overall potency but that was one of the strongest blends I’ve tried. this is definitely a strain you should be careful with your first time but I recommend giving it a chance because even though the first time made me sick when i did it again there was no nausea at all just a lot of sense of well being and the perfect amount of relaxation.

  6. boonkie (verified owner)

    A powerful, powerful green! Will hit like Tyson if one doesn’t watch how much they partition out. Amazingly beautiful a little at a time, a knock out otherwise.

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