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40 reviews for Happy Go Lucky

  1. bonniepariseau@ gmail.com

    This is my all time favorite. It helps me with mood, energy, and pain. It’s texture is light. In regards to mood; It turns on the lights in my brain. It runs off the “shadow of doom”. Energy; I’m a bit more talkative and I find myself smiling a bit more often. This gives me a need to organize or complete a project. It doesn’t suck to wash dishes or laundry. My pain level improves a little, but I don’t sit and worry over it, either.
    I highly recommend . Doesn’t taste as nasty, either.

  2. Denise Dicey

    I took the last of my Happy Go Lucky this morning and I feel compelled to review it. Some of you know I’m under quite a bit of stress lately which is making it hard to sleep and even harder to be nice to people lol. This magical blend woke me up and got me motivated and moving this morning. Now my glass looks half full instead of half empty! I feel more energetic and more hopeful. It’s the perfect anti- depressant!!! Too bad I’m out of it now, but I’m going to be ordering more of that as soon as I can afford it!!! Fantastic stuff!!!

  3. Andrew Batts (verified owner)

    OMG I discovered this gem not too long ago and all I have to say is WOW!! Perfect blend of all of the best parts of this miracle… A little tip though, be careful, best if mixed with other varieties

  4. Andrew Batts

    OMG I discovered this gem not too long ago and all I have to say is WOW!! Perfect blend of all of the best parts of this miracle… A little tip though, be careful, best if mixed with other varieties

  5. tammyjmurphy (verified owner)

    I think this is the best I’ve had so far! “Happy Go Lucky” is the perfect name for this blend!!! I have plenty of energy, but not “jittery” at all; AND I’m able to relax enough (with my awful anxiety) to actually be happy! AND I’m taking a smaller dose than I normally do!!! I will definitely order this again!!! My favorite so far!!!! Thank You Liza!!!!

  6. timeenoughatlast

    Most definitely an enjoyable and effective blend. So far my most preferred daytime dose. I agree with most of the reviews for this one.

  7. Elizabeth_Huffine (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE Happy Go Lucky! 💗
    Energy – I always put off doing stuff around the house because I don’t have the motivation or energy (stolen by my 3 munchkins!). The energy from this amazing blend is fantastic! It’s not overwhelming or jittery type of energy, it’s nice and smooth! 💖
    Pain – Being in constant pain (either physical or mental, or both) is very draining as many people here know. The pain relief from this blend is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I found my sweet spot where it melts my pain away, in turn gives me energy to get all the stuff I keep putting off done! 💖
    Mood – Oh my goodness! The mood boost with this blend.. I can NOT say it enough! Amazing, spectacular, wonderful and on and on and on!
    Liza is an amazing vendor and a wonderful friend!! 💞💞

  8. oscarlanderos2018 (verified owner)

    my first time buying from here and its great!! this one was very good i would recommend it!

  9. kenblaej2xo4

    Good daytime burn! Highly recommend trying this one out.

  10. boonkie (verified owner)

    A super mood elevator, removes the sharpness of pain, and allows one to finish plenty of work with a smile!

  11. Lizabeth

    I really enjoyed this burn. I felt almost child-like again without all the pressures of the world. Just an overall sense of well-being. Like everything was balanced. First time ordering and extremely happy with the customer service and convenience. Thank you!

  12. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I’ve tried to match this with other blends from other vendors but nothing comes close. My fav. Makes me feel happy and alive

  13. ratatosksson (verified owner)

    I don’t often write reviews but it’s been very difficult over the last 12-24 months to find quality and consistency. Frustratingly so. I ran into some reviews for this shop by chance and gave it a shot. I will never buy anywhere else again. This blend is outstanding, the 5 star reputation in the reviews has been proven correct in both product and customer service. Dealing with good people is a big bonus. Nobody I’ve dealt with in this market offers close to this selection, none have near the customer care, and being able to split quantities is a really nice option.

    Happy Go Lucky has set a new standard. Uplifting, clean, and takes on the joint pain well.

    Thank you Liza.

  14. Montresor (verified owner)

    The first couple of times I tried this it didn’t seem to do much. I thought maybe it was something I ate or my tolerance was out of whack. I decided to take a little tolerance break and come back to this. After another try at it I have to say this is top quality. Incredible mood enhancement without the overwired feeling.

    The vendor (Liza) was very responsive and shipping was quick. Highly recommended.

  15. Lucy (verified owner)

    Happy Go Lucky is my go-to daytime blend for work. It enhances my mood and provides me with energy without making my mind feel foggy. In my opinion, this blend is more than worthy of its five star reviews 👍.

  16. Meli Detwiler

    It’s hard to choose my favorite from Liza’s tea, but Happy Go Lucky is the winner. It’s a magical mix of pain relief, and energy that you need to get through the day of being a Chronic Pain Sufferer. Happy Go Lucky is what I order everytime. Thank you Liza for such a awesome blend

  17. quietcowgirl

    My absolute favorite blend! It’s great for energy, pain relief and stress! The perfect blend to help lift your mood and your energy levels!

  18. JMBanks89

    so fire. really puts the pep in my step. some dank krat alchemy at work here

  19. Kevin NYC (verified owner)

    Excellent ! But don’t take more then couple days in tow do to tolerance boost. I find it best to take a different strain everyday

  20. mmulato27 (verified owner)

    This is my first time giving Happy-Go-Lucky a try, and I must say, it lives up to it’s name! I am definitely in a better mood, I feel more focused, and my pain is lessened. Working with Liza’s is a joy, and I very much appreciate the quality kratom that is provided here.

  21. lisa.m.keough (verified owner)

    I’ve enjoyed Liza’s for a few months now. They are the 1st vendor that has products that have actually worked for me and I’ve been trying for 5 plus years.
    Happy Go Lucky is awesome! Great energy, good pain relief and just an overall feel good strain. Liza’s is an awesome vendor!

  22. Siamesemama1 (verified owner)

    Happy Go! Yay! Yeah, the best I’ve ever tried for FUNCTIONAL pain relief. * I can be focused, get my stuff done & not be stopped by my back…. which would be dangerous in my job. K is such a God-send & Liza is a Blessing!
    *Note: pain relief for multiple herniation/sciatica(intermittent) in neck, low back. If that sounds like you, give HGL a try!

  23. Stephanie lemasters (verified owner)

    This one does what it says, I literally feel like I don’t have a care in the world. I feel happy and I also get pretty spunky with this one, which is totally out of character for me, suffering from Chronic Fatigue. I took this over the weekend and within the hour I was painting my daughters bedroom while dancing around to Fleetwood Mac. This puts me in touch with the old me, before the chronic fatigue and back pain! I’m so glad I tried this one! Thank you Liza for the fast shipping and for being so nice! Customer service is HUGE, in my opinion, and she’s a rockstar with her response time, kindness, and fast shipping!

  24. ChickChick22 (verified owner)

    This is my first kratom experience and all I have to say is WOW! I feel upbeat, positive, and motivated. This is a game changer for sure. Thank you for delivering such a quality product!

  25. newton.dillonh (verified owner)

    Lizasbestbotanicals is the best!!! Her kratom is top tier. The best quality I’ve ever had and the customer service is beyond superb too! Highly recommend making her your kratom supplier!

  26. Kathalee

    I suffer from chronic pain which brings with it depression. Happy Go Lucky helps me become pain free , which makes me really happy. This is my go to morning burn. It gets me up and going. 5 stars for customer service. I live on the east coast Miss Liza is on the west coast and I received my order in 2 days. She is the best. I have sent her emails and she responded with helpful information. Thank you Miss Liza for being so helpful to me.

  27. Richie HaHa (verified owner)

    Probably the most reliable of all the varieties I’ve tried. It provides me with some energy, but that’s not what make this one great. It’s the mental sharpness and overall feeling that all is well that I enjoy most. The name fits perfectly!!!

  28. CW

    So glad that this blend was my first experience!
    I love how genuine this makes me feel!
    If you struggle with depression I highly recommend.
    I really love how organic the feeling is.. its not forced, it truly comes from within!
    Thank you Liza

  29. Charlie W (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite type of Kratom! It’s perfect both for the day and at night (I usually mix a little green in with it in the morning and a little red in with it at night). I absolutely recommend this blend! Liza has the highest quality Kratom I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried quite a few places) and Happy Go Lucky is my favorite from her!

    The first time I ever tried this blend, I was having a bit of anxiety. I felt really down and anxious so I made a drink with Happy Go Lucky and really did feel happier. It just helped me to relax and it really brought my mood up. The best part is that it makes you relax without feeling tired.

    Liza in general is an amazing seller and I absolutely recommend her if you’re at all interested in Kratom!

  30. Brian Viehland (verified owner)

    This is a special strain. Other reviews are spot on. Easy fast uplift. Not too much by any means. Lift in your day. Everything feels a step or two easier. Could not be happier. Purchased based on the great reviews and really just a fantastic find.

  31. boonkie (verified owner)

    Still the best Green seen anywhere. Take that to your bank.

  32. mypradasatthecleaners

    It’s very strong in every aspect. It comes at you from every angle, while leaning towards red. Happy Go Lucky, could not be more appropriate.

  33. jayalachavez (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure. I’d say this strain, Super Green, and Super Green Elephant are my favorites.

  34. Diesel dub

    Great all around strain. Great mood and energy.

  35. melcatt995 (verified owner)

    My first and forever favorite strain! Energetic, happy, and relaxing all in one!

  36. d00dster (verified owner)

    This is a great blend and helps with a boost of energy and getting through work.

  37. Bonnie stang

    This stuff actually makes me somewhat euphoric. after 3 years of taking kratom, I don’t get euphoria anymore, but with this stuff I do. It’s really good.

  38. Suzy

    I think this is my favorite of everything I’ve tried so fat. It lifted my mood tremendously, which isn’t an easy task lately. I felt the euphoria everyone talks about, but I rarely have experienced with kratom. I ran out and had some other from different vendors, but nothing compares.

  39. Kasra Bayani (verified owner)

    Great strain!!
    So great at uplifting mood and energy. Also lowers stress:)
    Thank you

  40. M. Galazin

    I don’t need to write too much about this one as al of the other great reviews solidify how awesome this blend is! I don’t purchase blends all that often (I like to customize my own). This one is popular for a reason, though! Whatever the recipe for this is, Liza’s should definitely keep it a secret…They really nailed it! This is up there with the best kratom that I’ve ever tried and it’s one of the few that I’m gonna need t have on hand at all times. If you like feeling amazing, try some Happy Go Lucky. This is so good that the name hardly does it justice., Lol. Thank you Liza for giving me an all time favorite.

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