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Weight 1000 g

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5 reviews for Trainwreck

  1. mmulato27 (verified owner)

    I love all of Liza’s blends, but this one just might be my favorite, even surpassing the lucky blend, which I love! For me, it gives great pain relief, but it also packs some energy, which is exactly what I am looking for with a daytime kratom.

  2. boonkie (verified owner)

    This would be the red equal to Happy Go Lucky, definitely! Gives a warm glow up the spine and kills all stress and worry, absolutely! Happy Go Lucky has a contender now!

  3. Cameron

    Amazing strain, I don’t know what else to say. Best my fiance has had in 5 years
    Mellow yet energized, pain be gone

  4. Diesel dub

    My new go to strain. Keeps me going and concentrated on my tasks.

  5. nickishelton2018 (verified owner)

    The perfect combo!

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