Red Headed Step Child

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Our #1 best selling red blend. Its no surprise why RHSC keeps being number one Red Blend for over 6 years. It gives great p relief/ sedative/ relaxing red after a long day of work.


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Red Headed Step Child ( RHSC )

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15 reviews for Red Headed Step Child

  1. Lockpro13

    This one is especially good for my high pain days. Helps me relax and rest when the pain is too much to take. One of my all time faves

    • Steve

      I’m really starting to like RHSC also!

  2. Beatriz Guerra

    My go to strain for high pain days.

  3. Cindy Black

    GR8 red blend. I use this tea on high pain days. Liza blends her best red teas in this 1

  4. Dixie

    what can i say… rhsc is my best friend. we spend a lot of time together. at least 3 times a day. she takes the fibro burn away like nothing else does . very thankful for this blend of 4 of lizas best reds. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  5. kenblaej2xo4

    Highly recommend trying this blend out. This compares to some good premium red manag da.

  6. d_kelly419

    Killer blend. I have a high tolerance an d it takes some strong leaf to work for my needs, but this does the trick! Knocks out the burning nerve pain (body wide, spinal damage) like nothing but large amounts of alcohol or a lidocaine bath used to lol. Thanks Liza. I’m about to grab a full kilo of this stuff.

  7. Lauretta Tew (verified owner)

    I love the RHSC! It gives me excellent pain relief and keeps me going! I use this one if it’s gonna be a long day and I might not have time to keep up..

  8. Robin Mote (verified owner)

    All of Lizas product is amazing and not just that she is super fast on deliver and her customer service is amazing my roommate and I only shop here. We just ordered 10 different strains and I’m excited. This is one of my favorites it’s a must try for anyone in pain it really does the trick without making you tired.

  9. Stephanie lemasters (verified owner)

    I’m new to kratom and decided to buy my first batches from Liza. I bought RHSC and a couple of others. This one is probably my favorite. It’s mellow and is helping with tooth pain and anxiety as we speak. Liza blew my mind with her customer service– following up via text to let me know it was shipped. I made payment on Friday and it was at my post office on Monday. This is unreal shipping time, considering I live in a very rural area of Colorado. I hear people have a hard time finding a good vendor, but the stars aligned and I found “my” vendor and “my” strain on the first try! Thanks Liza!

  10. rosewood.67 (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing tea for fibro and arthritis, also worked on back spasms. Solid choice for pain. Excellent shop for the very best teas. So very grateful for relief.

  11. d00dster (verified owner)

    This is a nice red blend. it’s always consistent and you know what you are gonna be getting.

  12. Bonnie stang

    This stuff works really good for me too. Reds don’t really do anything for me, but this stuff does. If I take it at night I sleep really really good.

  13. Diane S (verified owner)

    I’m so impressed with this & all the other reds I’ve tried. Amazon should take shipping lessons from this vendor! From California to Florida in less than 3 days ! Instantaneous order processing too. I have a new favorite! Thanks Liza

  14. jmn12991

    Took this blend after I got home from a long day of hard work and this really did relax me. Put me in a good mood killed any pain I was in. This is definitely a groovy blend. Got a sampler pack for my first ever order. I couldn’t pass this up after reading all the reviews on here and other forums. Thanks Lizas best. With that note goodnight. Much luv

  15. d00dster (verified owner)

    Still one of my favorite blends! Definitely try this one!!!

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