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2 reviews for Liza’s Blend – Oz

  1. vernerjay

    I am new to Liza’s, but have been a daily Kratom consumer for years now, tried a plethora of venders and some local in my area, and Liza’s products might be the best I have ever had. I received a sample of this blend with my last order and it is the best enhanced blend of any Kratom I have EVER had, simply superb. Get some of this asap, I promise anyone will love it, and a little goes a long way. I have had it both on it’s own and as a topper, both are great. I am currently placing another order with Liza and will continue, found my new favorite vendor, awesome.

  2. Jacob Morgan (verified owner)

    One of THE best extract blends i’ve tried. You only need half to one gram. A great mood lift and swift kick and the butt.
    Best customer service around!

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