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8 reviews for Relaxer Elixir

  1. safahn289

    It says what it is in it’s name, “Relaxer Elixir”
    This is the “chill pill” of all “chill pills”
    Such a nice ‘ “high anxiety calmer downer”, “night night” time tea.
    10/10 calming, relaxed, euphoric
    10/10 night time pain aid
    10/10 everything is gonna be alright ~

  2. lesarankin57 (verified owner)

    This blend definitely fits the name, it removes stress,relaxes the nerves,,able to rid all the noise,the worries that keep you from falling asleep, didn’t need to take pharmaceutical sleep meds,loving liza’s blends!

  3. boonkie (verified owner)

    Wonderful blend, relaxation, peace, and calmness without sleepiness, easy going, comfortable.

  4. A Wilson (verified owner)

    Prefect. 5 Star products and service every time.

  5. Jaime Bernate

    I tried Kratom from other vendors with either ZERO or negative success. Liza’s was recommended to me by a new friend who also uses Liza for her supply. I’m currently coming off 9 years of methadone and am looking for something to help me sleep and relax while the opiates are flushed from my body. I took a teaspoon of the Relaxer Elixer last night and within an hour I was out like a light. I slept and was dreaming so well. That’s one thing with the opiates, I was knocked out to the point where I wouldn’t even dream. I almost gave up on Kratom until I found Liza’s Thank you so much.

  6. melcatt995

    Best blend yet!

  7. Diane S (verified owner)

    Super blend! As stated this does wonders to relax & calm me at the end of the day. I need help to sleep and big pharma has nothing left to offer so I’m grateful to have found tea. Great vendor!

  8. d00dster (verified owner)

    Over the years, I have no idea how many times I have ordered this, or Red Headed Step Child from Liza. Both are wonderful blends.

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